Christmas Dinner Chester

The Royal Oak at Kelsall is already a favourite for Christmas dinner in Chester and Cheshire. But now it’s not just one of the great Christmas party venues – it has an Italian restaurant and pizzeria too.

Now there are more choices of what to eat from the Oak Restaurant menu or a Chicago-style pizzeria called Colosimo’s. And there are private dining facilities for Christmas party nights.

It’s named after Chicago’s original mobster ‘Big Jim’ Colosimo. But this is no ordinary venue for Xmas parties. Stand by for some of the best and most original pizzas you have ever experienced – and that includes being a gluten-free pizza restaurant too.

As Big Jim would have said it’s “Christmas dinner to die for.” And he should know. Colosimo, once Al Capone’s boss, had his own Italian restaurant in Chicago - along with a few other (ahem) establishments that were no-way about celebrating Christmas events!

But our regular Royal Oak Christmas party customers needn’t worry. If Colosimo’s Italian food is an offer you can refuse, then we’re still running our Oak Restaurant as a venue for Christmas parties and the usual great menu at the same great prices … but no gangsters. Now we have a wider choice of food that includes the most imaginative gourmet pizzas, one of the most original venues for Christmas parties … and private dining for your Christmas events.

So that means the Royal Oak just got even better for your Christmas dinner by adding a new Christmas parties venue.

Opening and food service times stay the same – but the quirky Royal Oak atmosphere for meeting friends, eating great Christmas lunch, private dining, real ales, fine spirits and world wines, just got a whole lot quirkier.

That’s why the Royal Oak is not just a favourite for Christmas parties in Chester. It now hosts the county’s most outstanding Christmas events.

So - whether you call it a “Christmas lunch venue”, “Xmas parties place”, “pizzeria”, “pizza restaurant”, “Italian restaurant” or a “private dining, gluten-free pizza restaurant” - we’ll know what you mean. Just call 01829 751208 or e-mail for more information.

Colosimo’s pizzeria and prohibition bar at the Royal Oak in Kelsall – Italian food to die for – not just for your Christmas lunch in Chester but for Xmas parties in the whole of Cheshire.