Italian Restaurant Cheshire

Kelsall's Royal Oak village pub and restaurant – one of the most successful in Cheshire – has launched a gourmet pizzeria.

The pizzeria has created a new alternative food menu for the Royal Oak... and a radical atmosphere in which to enjoy it in Cheshire. And it’s a gluten-free pizza restaurant too.

"Our more casual Courtyard room is no ordinary pizzeria," says the Royal Oak's general manager Chris Blease. "Cheshire customers can expect some of the best and most original Neapolitan pizzas they have ever experienced in any pizza restaurant – cooked in an authentic, specially imported Italian hardwood-fired pizza oven".

The crispy pizzas are created from only the freshest ingredients and then baked at 500oc. Want us to be a gluten-free pizza restaurant too? Just ask.

But there are homemade breads, bruschetta, baked camembert and crust-dippers too - just a small part of our pizzaria menu that's carving out a new reputation among Italian pizza restaurants.

The Royal Oak's established Oak Restaurant is carrying on, as normal, at the front of the building. "The usual great food at the same great prices... but now we’re giving two totally different food choices," says Chris.

"It gives a new dimension to what we regard as Cheshire’s most successful village pub and destination restaurant."

So... whether you call it a "pizzeria", a "pizza restaurant", an "Italian restaurant" or a "gluten free pizza restaurant", we'll know what you mean. Just call 01829 751208 or e-mail for more information.